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    Mr.LiGuohua Met With Australia Post CEO
2017/12/17  Clicks:50  
On the 8th of December, Mr. Li Guohua, General Manager of China Post Group met with Australia Post CEO Ms. Christine Holgate in Chengdu, Sichuan. Both sides exchanged their views on important issues in the next steps of cooperation between Posts of two countries and mutually expressed their wishes to deepen cooperation and expand market space jointly.
Ms. Christine Holgate and the delegation received warm welcome from Mr.LiGuohua, who pointed out that with a high degree of attention on bilateral economic and trade relations from both governments of China and Australia,tt娱乐登录,tt娱乐注册,tt娱乐:an expanded market has been provided to the two Posts. Assuming the office merely five weeks before she visits China signified that she attaches great importance to China Post. As in Australia there is a huge Chinese community and many overseas Chinese have high demand of Chinese products, a huge market exists. Sai Cheng International Logistics Company has been developing well as the joint venture of China Post and Australia Post. Mr. Li expressed his full confidence in the success of cooperation between China and Australia Post given the large market potential and high level’s attention from both sides.
Ms. Christine Holgatepointed out that China is the biggest trading partner of Australia, and with up to 1.2 million of Chinese visitors to Australia each year. Currently the Chinese population accounts for 10% of the total population in Australia. She expressed high attention and strong willingness from Australia Post to promote collaboration with China Post in a wide range of areas. She also expressed her appreciation of the achievements made by China Postal Saving Bank.
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